In this class you will learn to make blocks with designs created in a "stack" cutting method. Loretta will show you how to cut your block pieces and assemble them into blocks. Your blocks can later be used to make a quilt!

Cost: $ 40.00
You choose which pattern and join Linda to make this wool "crazy-patch" table mat with wool appliques is a joy to stitch! Hand dyed wools and matching threads along with a combination of crazy stitches, complete this wonderful centerpiece for your home!

Cost: $ 60.00
The Tool Tote is what everyone needs! Pockets all the way around on the outside. Pockets all the way around on the inside! Heavy duty stays that keep the bag's mouth wide open, easy to get in and reach all your important tools. Fill it with cosmetics or whatever you have the need for! Great bag and Loretta walks you through the construction with ease.

Cost: $ 65.00